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Attitudes & Math Success

        *  Growth Mindset versus Fixed Mindset( Dr. Dweck)

        *  Heather Dorniden’s 600m Race (Inspiring Video)

        *  How to help my child with homework (coming soon)

       *  Take the GRIT Test Penn State (Dr. Duckworth)

       *  The Teenage Brain (coming soon)

        *  Supplies to bring to class (i.e. scientific calculator)

Books worth Reading

“How Children Succeed”, Paul Tough (click for Interview)


We recommend that all students purchase a scientific calculator as an investment for their four years in high school.  Scientific calculators tend to be required for most math and science courses and are beneficial in business, accounting and at times geography classes.  Non-scientific calculators often lack necessary functions such as square or cubed roots, squaring or cubing abilities, trigonometric functions (sin, cos, tan) and logarithms (log).

Need a free online calculator?


Need a free online graphing calculator?


Need a graphing calculator APP?

Download the Free GraCalc (Free Graphing Calculator)


University of Waterloo (click link for previous contest editions)

        *  Grade 7 & 8 (Gauss)

        *  Grade 9 (Pascal), Grade 10 (Cayley), Grade 11 (Fermat)

        *  Grade 12 (Euclid)


Ontario Ministry of Education (click link for .pdf file)

        *  Grade 7 & 8

        *  Grade 9 & 10

        *  Grade 11 & 12

EQAO (Grade 9)

All grade 9 students enrolled in Academic or Applied Math must take the EQAO (Education Quality & Accountability Office) Exam either in January or June depending on the semester their course is taken. 

Previous “Released” Exams & Solutions

EQAO website

Homework Help & Tutoring

Homework Help (Free for Grades 7-10)

IXL (Select the Appropriate Grade)

Khan Academy (Excellent How To Videos - US reference)

Visit the Guidance Office for more tutoring services


Chart Map of High School Math Pathways

How do I choose which math course to take? (coming soon)

Video Resources (more to come)

GRIT: The Key to Success by Dr. Duckworth PhD (TEDx Talks)

The Power of Mindset (TEDx Talks)


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